Aim Tuition is constantly seeking to improve its services and teaching programs. We are continuously searching for and utilizing cutting edge systems and programs to put our students ahead of the rest.
Students are regularly evaluated and where necessary intervention plans are put in place to ensure each student's individual weaknesses are addressed and rectified.
Our curriculum design provides a step by step process to build ability as well as self confidence in our students.
So intuitive are our programs in meeting our students needs, we call it ÔÇ£AimtuitiveÔÇØ.
However programs by themselves only offer half the solution. Our highly trained and fully qualified tutors form the base upon which our programs can provide a total learning solution. For your peace of mind we also provide half year and annual reports on your child's progress and future areas of focus.
Leave your stresses behind, enroll with Aim Tuition. We have a solution for you.