Worried about your childs performance in upcoming NAPLAN tests? Here at Aim Tutition our standard maths and english programs are devised to exceed the governments literacy and numeracy requirements. We believe that literacy and numeracy skills are built up over time and effort. Unlike many other tutoring centres we dont offer gimmicks and special NAPLAN preparation classes that usually cost a fortune.
At Aim we provide an ongoing nurturing and enriching learning environment, dedicated teaching staff and we encourage students to be consistant in their work effort. We dont beleive that literacy and numeracy are taught in 2 or 4 week special classes. Rather, they are skills acquired over time, with application and the right mentoring. We educate our students on the structure of NAPLAN tests and give our students mock NAPLAN tests prior to the actual exam days, as a way to familirise them with the paper's format. All this, is of course part of our normal service and best of all it comes at no additional cost to you, the parent. We put our students before profits.  


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